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以确保您从我们的网站得到最大的好处, 我们致力于优化网站,以满足您的需求, 因此,你可以更容易地找到与你的工作最相关的内容和服务. We endeavor to exceed the strict privacy practices required by the United States CAN-SPAM Act, 以及欧盟通用数据保护条例(GDPR)和电子隐私条例. 然而,如果您想对我们的隐私政策提出疑问,请 365体育网投.




We collect information you provide to us through our website which is owned and operated by 365体育网投公司. 当您创建帐户时,我们会收集您的信息, 订阅我们的电子邮件列表, 下载数字资料(e.g. 信息图表、技术论文、pdf等.),报名参加一个网络研讨会,或者通过我们的网站与我们交流.

我们从您那里收集的数据可能包括个人信息. Personal information is data that can be used to identify an individual (such as first and last name, 电子邮件地址, address, 电话号码等.). 此外, 以确保您对我们的内容有真正的兴趣, 产品和服务, 我们也可能会询问工作相关的信息,比如你的工作头衔, 你的公司名称, 技术的使用, 你的工作领域或行业, 你为之工作或拥有的企业类型, 以及你的科学兴趣. We do this to ensure that we are providing you with information that is relevant to you and your field of study or work. 在任何情况下,我们都不会索要任何“敏感”信息,比如宗教信仰, 政治面貌, racial or ethnic origin or any other information that does not pertain to your activity or interest in 365体育网投’s 产品, 服务, 或其技术.



优化我们的网站, 将内容与您的需求相匹配,并提供更个性化的用户体验, 365体育网投公司 也自动收集有关您使用我们网站的信息. 当你在线访问我们时, 我们会记录您的访问信息,并使用cookies等跟踪机制, pixels and scripts to collect information about your interaction with our websites or emails. These can be used to provide you with additional information that is relevant to your work or scientific areas of interest.

饼干 你的电脑上有数码文本文件吗. 使用cookie是一种常见的做法. We may place cookies on your computer to allow us to recognize you on our websites when you visit us, 测量在线流量, 向您介绍相关的产品或服务, 或者定制你的体验. 我们使用会话cookie使浏览我们的网站更容易, 当你关闭浏览器时,它们就会过期. 另外, 跟踪cookies用于帮助我们了解您如何使用我们的网站, 它们增强了用户体验, 它们会在你的电脑或设备上停留很长一段时间.

Your browser may include settings that allow you to block cookies or be notified when cookies are being used. 请注意,如果您阻止或删除cookies, certain features and functions of our websites may be unavailable or may not operate optimally.

像素 网页和电子邮件中是否放置了小型图形图像. 它们可能被用来统计访问我们网站的人数, 监控用户如何浏览我们的网站, 或者验证有多少文章或链接被浏览.

脚本 被用来收集您与我们网站互动的信息. 它们暂时从我们的服务器下载到您的计算机上, 或者是我们合作的第三方服务器. They are active while you are connected to our websites, and are deleted or deactivated thereafter. We do not install or download any software to your computer as part of your user experience.


我们也可能从其他科学行业来源收集或购买信息, 比如科学组织, 研究会议, 学术机构, 科学目录, 等. Your personal information is only collected and stored in our databases if it is publicly available and there is a clear link between your area of work and the content, 产品, 以及我们提供的服务. We may also combine this information with information we have already collected about you in order to understand your needs better and provide you with a better user experience.

If you are a resident of the European Union or the United States and all the information we have collected about you is from third-party scientific sources, we will only communicate with you on a trial basis with a limited number of attempts before we remove your information from our database. We will also only contact you about 365体育网投 content and topics that you have shown interest in, or about 365体育网投 产品 that you have purchased in the past which have been deemed relevant to you and your industry, 工作, 科学兴趣或工作领域. 如果我们发现您没有参与我们的通信或数字内容, 我们将从我们的数据库中删除您的个人信息. If you do engage with our communications and digital content before the end of our trial period, we will consider you an active contact for as long as you continue to engage with our content and our websites in the future, 或者直到你选择取消订阅以后的通讯. We offer a means of unsubscribing on every communication that we send to you and through our privacy policy .  如果您想知道更多365在线网投如何与您接触,请 365体育网投.


收集的365体育网投您的个人信息用于各种目的. 首先是建立我们订阅者的人口统计资料, 使我们能够更好地将我们的内容和服务与您的兴趣相匹配. 显然,您提供的信息越准确,我们就越能做到这一点. 因为这个原因, we encourage you to regularly update your profile to provide us with the most accurate information possible.


  • 促进、管理、个性化和改善您的在线体验;
  • 回应你的评论, 问题和要求, 提供客户服务, 向您发送信息通知, 如果我们需要获取或提供额外信息,请与您联系;
  • Managing your online account, including purchases, orders, payments, returns, and exchanges;
  • Sending you technical notices, updates, security alerts, support and administrative messages;
  • 与您沟通产品, 服务, 提供了, 促销活动, 优惠券, 时事通讯, 我们认为您会感兴趣的活动及提供的信息;
  • 进行研究和分析, including surveys about current 服务 and 产品 or about potential new 产品和服务;
  • Preventing and addressing fraud, breach of policies or terms, and threats or harm; and
  • 向您发送广告,并与您沟通有关服务, 产品, 还有一些我们认为你会感兴趣的事



We may disclose your information to other companies to ensure the smooth provision of 产品和服务 that you have purchased or requested from us. If you have made a purchase or request with us your data will be principally used to provide you with your purchase or request as well as your registration or other 服务 and facilities. This includes third-party service providers that assist us with processing credit card payments, webinar platforms that host our online events or customer relationship management applications where we house your information. These service providers are prohibited from using your personal information for any other purpose(s) than to provide the 服务 we have contracted them to perform.


您的详细信息也可以分享给 365体育网投公司,母公司,和 365体育网投体外生命科学实验室(365体育网投 IVLSL)是其位于斯洛伐克布拉迪斯拉发的全资子公司. 365体育网投 IVLSL 是否也受本私隐政策的数据管理惯例和条款的约束.


我们的网站可能包括特色, 例如产品评论或评论部分, 它允许你自由地提交你的个人信息,其他人可以看到.  我们和其他人都可以储存, 显示, 繁殖, 发布, 分发, 或以任何形式使用该等信息, 我们也不能保证我们会将这些内容归功于您.  请记住,如果您在我们的网站上发布信息, 其他人也可以访问并与第三方共享这些信息.



We have designed our website so that it is easy for you to access and update the personal information that you shared with us. 个人e365体育网投letters, email communications and third-party communications can be immediately unsubscribed from by clicking an unsubscribe link within them. Please note that your opt-out will not affect subsequent subscriptions or non-promotional communications from us, 例如行政和服务公告. 您可以在我们的网站上下载和删除您的个人资料 隐私的工具 页面. 如果您需要进一步的协助,请更新您的资料 365体育网投.

您也有权了解所有的信息 365体育网投公司 收集365体育网投你的. 您有权接收和查看这些信息. 你也可以要求拥有 365体育网投公司 更改我们持有的有关您的不正确信息.


饼干 can be disabled or removed using tools available as part of most commercial browsers. 在某些情况下, a browser may include settings that allow you to block cookies from being placed on your hard drive. 请注意,如果禁用或删除cookie和类似技术, 我们网站的某些部分可能无法正常工作. 也, 如果您从不同的电脑或浏览器访问我们的网站, 您可能无法以同样的方式限制基于浏览器的跟踪技术.

我们的网站使用第三方网络分析服务, 比如谷歌Analytics, 帮助我们分析访客如何使用我们的网站. 要了解更多365体育网投选择不被谷歌Analytics跟踪的信息, 点击这里. 


If at any point we decide to use your personally identifiable information in any way other than described in this privacy policy, 我们将通过电子邮件或在网站上提供30天通知的方式通知您. 请注意,我们保留在任何时候更改此政策的权利. 365体育网投公司 continues to invest in the best quality security available and we do our utmost to protect visitor privacy. If you have any queries regarding this privacy policy or the way we collect and gather personal information, 请 365体育网投.


如果您对您的个人信息有任何要求, 或者如果你对这个隐私政策有疑问, 请将您的问题通过电子邮件发送到我们 隐私官 或致函私隐专员,地址为 365体育网投公司马萨诸塞州阿什兰荷马大道200号,邮编01721,或致电 .